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5 August 2019

Navin continues beating Mira but she keeps it a secret. Watch Imbewu weekdays at 9:30PM.  


Ngcolosi tells Nkululeko to steal the contract and ask MaZulu to side with them.

As if he knows, Zithulele asks Phakade to keep the contract safe.
Khanyo comes up with a plan to help Jabulile and ask the church to help with MaShenge’s funeral.
Mira takes of the waist chain and pretends to be sick in that way dodging to go on vacation with the rest of the family.


Phakade receives a call about the shares while Ngcolosi and Nkululeko are discussing a plan on how they will steal them.
KaMadonsela is having a lot of visions lately. This time she dreams of a leopard but she struggles to understand the meaning of the dream.

Mira blames Buhle for Navin’s behavior. She tries to make up with him and they end up in bed.


Everyone at Maluju panics over the missing contract.

KaMadonsela sees the ancestors once again but keeps it a secret that she has visions.
Mira tells Buhle about how good a guy Navin is. Nerupa is excited to that Mira is returning to her normal self but how long will this last remains a question.


Zithulele tells Ngcolosi that he is on Phakade’s side.

Ngcolosi learns that Nkululeko did not take the contract. The ancestors communicate with KaMadonsela during a church meeting. Khanyo tells Phakade about what happened with KaMadonsela.
Pranav stops Navin from getting into the house. The abuse on Mira by Navin gains momentum, this time he punches her.


Phakade tells Donsi that he knows who the culprit is.

Zakithi is caught snooping in Ngcolosi’s office. KaMadonsela is advised to see a traditional healer but she refuses.
Navin leaves a disturbing message on Mira’s phone, Buhle advise her to tell her parents that Navin is abusing. Ngcolosi realises that someone was searching in his office.

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