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This week on Rhythm City

20 May 2019

Puleng and David are getting closer to the truth. Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.


Gail and Suffo are skating on thin ice as Puleng and David gets closer to the truth.

Mapula gives Banele another chance. Jafta’s final solution is not enough for Sis Bee.


Suffo contemplates leaving Puleng as their marriage status deteriorates furthermore.

Mapula considers giving way to her feelings but she is scared. Some good news for the church ladies as they start an exercise group.


Puleng starts snooping around but it all fails when she is caught.

Mapula and Banele have their first date, how will things go?


Suffo tries to fire Madikgetla.

More truth about Banele comes out while Bra Thomas gets more recruits.


Lerato engineers an interview between Gail and Suffo. Puleng has left her shawl at the bar and walks in on Gail and Suffo.

Mapula and Blossom clash over Dumi.

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