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Mthuzi is also a victim

16 May 2019

Years of grief and anger can drive one over the edge. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM. 

With all the drama that has unfolded since Mthunzi Mayiza’s arrival, one has to reflect on where this old wound stems from.  

Kingsley adopted Mthunzi to empower him and  to push him to be best he can be. Better than his father Velaphi, who died as a result of hunger for power. However, Kingsley’s plan went south when Mthunzi perceived his efforts as mistreatment because his mother was just a helper in the Langa household.

For many years Mthunzi believed that Siseko was responsible for Velaphi’s death, hence he came back for vengeance.

Upon arriving to accomplish his task, a lot more interesting things took place. Siseko’s daughter, Xolile fell for him and that played very well in his favour. He realized that not only will he take their father out, but he will make the whole household suffer the consequences of their past.

It may seem like the Langas are Mthunzi’s victims but Mthunzi suffered much pain at the hands of the Langas.

Will things ever be squared up?

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