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Will Puleng and Suffo crack?

2 May 2019

They have survived tumultuous life tragedies, but stayed strong together through thick and thin. Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.

Not so long ago their ship seemed to be sailing towards the islands of treasure. All was well in their marriage and in a blink on an eye, the tide has changed and the ship is in a shambolic state, will it crack?

Things have been tense between Suffo and Puleng since the arrival of Ziyanda. Understandably so, at first it looked like Ziyanda was after Suffocate.

However she did reveal that she is lesbian and one would assume that that revelation would have eased the tension between the two but instead, it’s getting worse.

With Suffo announced as the new Chairman of the billionaires club, Puleng is convinced that he is taking orders from Ziyanda and has since given him an ultimatum to choose between his marriage and the business.

Will Puleng and Suffo be able to survive this tidal wave?

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